EIJI Content Philosophy: Our Approach on Current Events, Issues, and News

The Edinburgh International Justice Initiative aims to bridge the gaps in the international justice system and we believe this includes informing, inspiring and impacting the community around us. We have therefore made the decision to include content posts on our blog with a focus on human rights, international justice, and the systems that govern these. The content of our blogs is to be as inclusive and impartial as possible while still highlighting potential injustices and cracks within the system. Through this, we hope to contribute towards making a practical impact as well as inspire like-minded people to further scrutinize the issues and consider the opportunities they may have to support and strengthen the international justice system alongside us.

*Our current event blog posts may discuss sensitive information that could be triggering for some individuals. EIJI is an impartial organization that seeks to inform people about contemporary issues of international justice. Views, information, and opinions expressed in our content posts do not necessarily reflect EIJI, its team or Edinburgh University.*

Author: Zora Stanik

Editor: Mathias Jacobsen

Editor in Chief: Zora Stanik