Our Alumni

Alumni from the 2019/2020 Executive Team:

Mathias JacobsenCo-Founder and Director

Linn Lagerholm – Co-Founder and Research Team Coordinator

Meghan Ingram – Head of Acquisitions

Kayla Mozeson – Marketing and Branding Coordinator

Henriette Berg – Head of Recruitment and Development

Zora Stanik – Executive of Marketing and Communications

Dorcas Baah – Senior Legal Researcher

Ipek Atalay – Senior Legal Researcher

Kate Hanna – Senior Legal Researcher

Bella Eperon – Blog and Content Coordinaton

Alumni from the 2020/2021 Executive Team:

Shy Zvouloun – Direct of EIJI

Madeline Chambers – Head of Legal Development

Hally Blanchard – Head of Recruitment & Human Resources

Zora Stanik – Head of Marketing & Communications

Ruby Fulham-FitzGerald – Head of Business & Finance

Henry Dalton – Head of Project Development

Kelsey Greeff – Marketing & Branding Associate

Nikita Nandandwad – Blog & Content Coordinator

Dorcas Baah – Research Coordinator

Luca Montag – Research Coordinator

Katie Feltham – Research Coordinator